Ten Ways To Improve Your Trading Tomorrow


  1. Do not trade unless you have a trading plan. You need to know what you will do before the market opens.
  2. Trade a method not individual hunches. One trade outside a trading method means nothing.
  3. Stop fighting the trend in your time frame and start following it.
  4. Quit trying to predict what will happen and start reacting to what is happening.
  5. Use stop losses in your trades to limit how much money you lose when you are wrong.
  6. Place your stop losses outside the regular ‘noise’ of price action, put it where it shows you are wrong.
  7. Trade a position size you are emotionally and mentally comfortable with. Keep your mind in charge of your trades.
  8. Focus on limiting losses and draw downs in capital this will give you a chance to be profitable.
  9. Turn off financial television and focus on the price and chart action.
  10. Quit trying to win the lottery with your trading and instead focus on being the casino trading against the gamblers.