I conducted a poll titled “What is your favorite trading Blog?”  looking for the top trading blogs online. I was trying to get the poll out there and have some diverse voting. I looked around online to find other top trading blog lists to build my original poll. Thanks to everyone who cast a vote and also to those that took the time to fill in a blog under ‘other’ that allowed us to discover new blogs I had not heard of but seem great. I ended up getting 389 people to participate and I am happy with the results. My original plan was a top ten list but three blogs ended up in a tie for 10th, not wanting to leave out any of the three great blogs that tied I expanded this to a top twelve list. I had heard of many of these blogs before and read some of them at times. I believe this list could provide a great starting point to quickly find a few blogs that fit your trading style. I know I will start checking them out myself and find the ones that want to read going forward.