The 15 Key Steps To Successful Trading

The 15 Key Steps To Successful Trading


The 15 Key Steps To Successful Trading









  1. Commit to doing the work to become a successful trader.

  2. Study the top resources for trading success.

  3. Decide what level of annual returns you want to make on average.

  4. Decide the maximum capital draw down level you can tolerate and accept.

  5. Become a reactive trader not a predictive trader, learn how to trade price action.

  6. Focus on a system with a winning risk/reward ratio. Bigger winning trades than losing trades.

  7. Build and back test a trading methodology that is profitable over many different market environments and meets your requirements.

  8. Write a trading plan that quantifies entries, exits, positions sizing, and your rules.

  9. If you have the personalty to trade this system and plan with real money then proceed.

  10. Eliminate the risk of ruin by never losing more than 1% of trading capital on any one trade. 

  11. Stick to your plan with discipline.

  12. Trade multiple systems to improve your chance of profitability.

  13. Never quit learning and improving on what you do.

  14. Only trade markets you are familiar with and have done the research on.

  15. Never quit, never give up.