Here are the Blog posts that received the most Facebook likes on NewTraderU in 2013:

(Each title is a link to that blog post).

#1 The Magic of Compounding Your Returns 142 likes

#2 A Trader’s Most Important Question 126 likes

#3 The Top 25 Trading Books That Helped Readers Make Money 116 likes

#4 22 Things I learned From the Paul Tudor Jones Interview “The Trader” 79 likes

#5 The Ten Reasons I Sold My Stock Positions Friday 65 likes

#6 The Four Dangerous Internal Emotional Indicators for Traders 63 likes

#7 10 Things A Trader Needs to START DOING if They Want to Make Money 61 likes

#8 My Recent $SPY Trade Step by Step 56 likes

#9 Cast your vote for the Most Helpful Trader on Twitter in 2013 here–> 55 likes

#10 20 Golden Rules for Traders 55 likes