Twelve Master Traders I Follow In The Twitterverse

Twelve Master Traders I Follow In The Twitterverse

Twelve Master Traders I Follow In The Twitterverse










 Twitter can be a lot of noise if it is not filtered properly for quality. Here are twelve of my favorite follows on twitter that add add value to me stream through their expertise in many different areas. Their content and tweets are always high quality and I appreciate what they share.   I do a lot of filtering looking for follows that fit my own style and who I am as a trader and these traders have always made my cut and I consider them all friends as well as great high value follows. I believe twitter should be used to learn proper trading technique and process not a place to go looking for trades. New Traders can learn a lot just watching these traders do what they do. I highly recommend them all as some of the best traders to follow on twitter.


Master of all things Trend Following @Covel Passionate linchpin. Author of bestsellers Trend Following & The Complete TurtleTrader. Podcast: .

Master Trader buying the bounces off the bottoms and riding momentum:   @canuck2usa TRADER of EQUITIES/FUTURES Please don’t Buy or Sell based on any of my tweets. I am not here to make recommendations only to share my thoughts.

Master of scalping the short side in a bull market and Elliot wave/risk/reward/psychology of trading:  @R2RayCFreeman empirical skeptic. systematic S&P equity / futures trader & risk manager. *

Master of the Broadening Formation and selling $VXX Short: @RobInTheBlack The PURE Technical Analyst, 20+ years of reviewing every stock in the S & P, every night

Master of Options Expiration and Maximum Pain for Option Traders:  @Sassy_SPY Trader – Spin Instructor – MFT – UCLA and USC Grad

Master of risk management and consistent returns: @TradeLikeCasino Weissman has over 25 years experience trading. He teaches trading & risk courses for EMI and authored, Trade Like a Casino.

Master of historical Quantatative Statitics:  @paststat Co-Founder of a Stock Screener & Single Click Backtest Tool, Ditto us @

Master of Elliot Wave Trading:  @Trader_Mars I am a prop trader combining macro-economic themes, herd psychology, Elliott Wave Theory, Traditional technical analysis and disciplined risk management.

Master of Longer Term Trend Following: @SystemsTrader95  Systematic momentum trader, 16+ years, Long/Short, MA & Breakout Trend Following programs. Int. to Longer Term. No news, predictions or opinions.

Master at investigating frauds and exposing them on twitter: @ChartLearning I trade the Market based on my propretiary strategies. I have an odd sense of humor. If I sound angry I am really not. Not serious most of the time.

Master of Option Trading: @OptionScientist I’m a full-time stock and option trader, although my primary focus is options. My objective is to make options easy to understand, and with occasional humor.

Master of CAN SLIM chart patterns: @sharptraders Trade What’s Happening…Not What You Think Is Gonna Happen