10 Reasons I Unfollow People On Twitter

10 Reasons I Unfollow People On Twitter

10 Reasons I Unfollow People On Twitter



When I unfollow someone on twitter it is nothing personal, that account just does not match my style of trading and is not helpful to me in my learning and growing as a trader. I really lean towards the big picture in trading with risk management, trader psychology, and robust systems. I believe with those big three you can be successful as a trader and all else is just details. So I tend to unfollow others when I am flooded with minutiae.   I do learn from others real time trades and how they manage them, but have no interest in 40 tweets with trade set ups. I am looking for others to follow that have kindred spirits.

  1. They tweet too much filling up my twitter stream completely. While a sudden burst of activity at the right time is fine with me tweeting almost non-stop for hours is just too much in my opinion.

  2. Tweeting out too much non-essential noise causes me to unfollow. The way I trade requires me to focus like a laser on just a few things on my watch list, the chart, and a few indicators. I have no need for a huge amount of articles and links.

  3. I unfollow if a tweeter is biased or just endlessly tweets opinion. The market doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion why should I? The market just goes where buyers and sellers take it and that is my #1 concern.

  4. When a tweeter confuses opinion with fact I lose interest. Many times someone will find some little piece of information and think it is a big deal when it is not. My concern is quantifiable facts and large sample sizes. I deal in probabilities and risk/rewards in my favor not some little nebulous factoid.

  5. If some one starts tweeting about a penny stock I am out. With terrible liquidity, no regulation what so ever, and trading on the OTC:BB that is like looking in the dumpster for a good trade.

  6. If some one tweets out a winning trade but did not tweet out the entry I have issues with that, better to not tweet at all than to brag after the fact with no proof.

  7. Arrogance and a know it all attitude is something that helps me push the unfollow button quickly.

  8. The most ridiculous people on twitter are the ones that try to bully or attack real traders out of their own personal ignorance of what that trader is even talking about or doing. Most of the times this comes from their own bitterness about being unsuccessful and their own lack of study and homework.  This is a block/unfollow combo.

  9. Tweeters that deal with wild emotions and drama are an easy unfollow.

  10. I unfollow people when hubris or ego completely takes over their ability to stay flexible and trade what is actually happening.