A New Traders Bullshit Detector

A New Traders Bullshit Detector

A New Traders Bullshit Detector















“The reason it takes so long to learn to trade successfully is because of all the garbage you you have to sift through.” – Travis James

I would highly advise that if a new trader sees a few of these signs from a trader you are following are trying to learn from then run the other way as fast as you can. There is a very good chance the trader is full of bull shit and may not make money trading so wants to make money off you.

  1. The trader stays completely anonymous on social media through an avatar and screen name, while that is fine if that is how they want to roll on social media. But it is not if they are asking you to spend money with them on subscriptions or coaching etc., then I believe they should not be hiding in secrecy and should be fully public.

  2. The trader deletes losing trades on posts and tweets, they can’t be trusted run for it.

  3. The trader posts only winning trades AFTER they have happened, never in real time. BIG RED FLAG they are a con artist for whatever reason, money or ego.

  4. They seem to care more about selling a subscription or service more than actual trading. There is a big difference between a salesman and a trader.

  5. They love to cherry pick their winning trades and winning students after the fact and never discuss the failures.

  6. They claim that their type of trading always works and is just so easy. If that is the case they should be billionaires not selling $99 subscriptions on social media.

  7. Following a supposed guru that never discusses risk management, position sizing, or the risk of ruin is a sure fire way to blow up your account.

  8. If a guru never discusses the crucial importance of the right psychology for trading then they very likely have never traded and are ignorant because of lack of experience.

  9. Pictures of luxury cars, boats, mansions, or attractive women on their web pages is so cliche and shallow it is hard too believe they still post those carrots and people bite.

  10. If this list made you think of anyone that you are following and  trying to learn from  then that is a good warning sign that they may be full of bullshit.