The Ten Things That Cause Me to Unfollow Traders on Twitter

The Ten Things That Cause Me to Unfollow Traders on Twitter

The Ten Things That Cause Me to Unfollow Traders on Twitter















  1. I unfollow traders who get stubborn with their positions and opinion of the future price action. Perma-bulls and perma-bears are not good to follow especially for new traders because they can skew their perspective.

  2. I unfollow traders that major on minors, the traders that are caught up in way too much noise that is meaningless is not something I value, my concern is price action and the flow of capital not every indicator and pattern under the sun.

  3. I stop following traders whose active watch lists are as long as a phone book. My style is to focus like a laser on what I know best. If someone is trading everything I do not know how they can concentrate on anything.

  4. A trader getting too political or religious completely opposite of my own beliefs on twitter is really hard too keep following for me. If we are like minded I appreciate seeing that others are like me.

  5. A trader deleting a tweet about a losing trade is an automatic unfollow, it is amazing that some do this.

  6. I unfollow arrogant know-it-all traders. I have seen a lot of arrogant traders on social media and a lot of good traders on twitter but I have never personally seen a good arrogant trader, the good ones all seem to be humble.

  7. I unfollow traders that tweet too much, if they fill my entire stream with their own tweets for hours on end then it is just too much for me to even read.

  8. I unfollow traders who tweet so little they are not even worth following. Once a week or even less is just not worth the attention.

  9. I unfollow traders that have styles and time frames so different from my own that there is zero added value for me. With that said I have also learned from other traders that trade much differently from me but we share the same key principles, those traders I learn from.

  10. I unfollow traders that are just obsessed with selling junk more than actual trading. The harder the junk is pushed on followers the less interest I have. You are either a real trader allowing others to pay to learn from what you do and piggyback your real trades or you are a non-trader newsletter seller just selling an ample amount of ‘picks’ that you don’t even trade yourself and focusing only on the winners you pick to try to get more subscribers.