Who are the most under-followed traders on twitter?

Who are the most under-followed traders on twitter? I need suggestions to create a new poll to get the word out on them.

Inspired by the stock twits post, I am looking to create a new poll for the “criminally under-followed” traders on twitter.

Here are the rules:

I will place any trader on the poll that are suggested or nominated through tweets or facebook directly  to me.

I am looking for great traders that really put out great tweets that are either informative, entertaining, funny, educational, on the right side of the market, or all of the above BUT have very little followers. We can change that.

I will only put traders on the poll that are nominated by others, I only get one pick, so this is not about my opinions, it is a search for great tweeters that we can all follow, enjoy,  and learn from. 

I will open the nominations until Monday at 5 p.m. then I will compile the poll and open it for a week.

After I get the poll results I will compile a top ten list or more depending on how many votes are cast and blog the results and rankings.

We are not looking for the traders with several thousand followers, we are looking for the unsung hero that is plugging away with very little followers but has a lot to offer.

Let the nominations begin.