Most Under-Followed Traders on Twitter

Most Under-Followed Traders on Twitter

Most Under-Followed Traders on Twitter










Here are the results of my poll to find the most under-followed traders on twitter.

This search was for the hidden gems that share great information on trading. They may be entertaining,  educational, or both. Almost 700 votes were cast, with many shares. For the first time ever, the poll ended in a tie with two people with 150 votes each! I am familiar with a few of these, but most are completely new to me, and I will be checking out their streams. Thanks for all who cast votes!

TIED for 1st place:

#1 20yrs in mortgage trading at several big shops . Now a macro events equity oriented carry trader in high cash payout plays and when to get in/out.

#1 Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA’s Inside Investing blog.


#3 Observé como, a la sombra de una encina, las bellotas caían respetando la sucesión de Fibonacci. 

#4 Full time Equity/Option trader. Former head trader at $10bln HF. Swing/Channel trader using technical analysis to find high probability setups. Post all trades.

#5 Trade hard, laugh harder! Only one rule: if you like it share and retweet. Found a good trading meme? Tweet and we’ll share it!

#6 Systematic Futures Trader, Skier

#7  Fx Proprietary trader in a bank. +20 years exp in trading. Focus on the systematic aspect

#8 My feed is my opinion & trades only, I’m not a professional adviser & no disingenuous bullshit here.No DM’s,Use LinkedIn BTC: 1LwudvVL4RVGAUzSUfJZiXFEzvnVwVMc2y

#9 CANSLIM investor at Lincoln Capital. By day, I am an avid spoon collector, ventriloquist, and florist. ‘neil

 Here are the poll results. 

Here is a full list of the first 71 nominated for the poll so you can check them all out if you want to.