Ten Signs Your Trading Is Getting Better

  1. Your losses are getting smaller and smaller.

  2. Your losing streaks are not as long as they use to be.

  3. Your draw downs are not as big as they use to be.

  4. You are very picky about entries and only take the ones with the best probabilities of success with good risk/reward skewed in your favor.

  5. You have become much more patient with holding winning trades and very impatient with holding losing trades.

  6. You do lots of back testing and chart studies and actual trading is becoming less frequent but more profitable.

  7. You avoid bad trades now because you have the patience and discipline to wait for a good one.

  8. You have learned cash is a great position that helps you keep your profits intact.

  9. Your stress levels have dropped dramatically because your faith in your system and yourself has grown a lot.

  10. You stopped trading your emotions and started following your trading plan.