Ten Things Good Traders Hate

Ten Things Good Traders Hate

Ten Things Good Traders Hate






  1. Good traders HATE draw downs in capital, they do everything they can to limit the severity of their draw down in correlation with the expectations of returns.

  2. Good traders HATE it when they break their discipline and take a bad entry out of anticipation or personal beliefs, they like taking only quantified entries with an edge.

  3. Good traders HATE trading too big for their trading account, they hate the stress and the risk involved, conversely bad traders LOVE taking big trades with the hopes of getting rich quick.

  4. Good traders HATE chasing a trade late in the move  where the risk/reward is by then skewed against them.

  5. Good trades HATE trading when the market is not conducive to their trading methods, this is when many good trading methods take the good trader into cash positions primarily.

  6. Good traders HATE to watch new traders lose so much of their money so fast becasue they did not do their homework before they started to trade real money.

  7. Good traders HATE to be called gamblers, that is because they are business people trading a system with an edge like a casino.

  8. Good traders HATE to be asked by someone how they can make some quick money in the markets. No one asks a doctor or lawyer how to make some quick money practicing medicine or law and successful trading takes just about as long to learn. This is an incredibly disrespectful question that the general public asks all the time.

  9. Good traders HATE to hold a losing position for any length of time in their trading account. Good traders tend to have quick and small losses.

  10. Good traders HATE to get out of a trade with a small profit that ends up trending dramatically for a big win. Good traders try to set their stop losses and trailing stops just outside the daily range of noise to maximize gains with trends in their time frame.