Ten Things That Cause Traders To Battle On Social Media

  1. So many arguments are caused between traders on social media simply because they do not understand the others time frame. I have seen long term investors who were bullish on a companies fundamentals argue with a day trader taking a technical short trade set up to the down side for a trade that would last maybe a few hours. Take the time to learn some ones time frame if you want to question them about their trade.
  2. The most battles come from simply someone giving unsolicited advice to another who did not ask for it. I have seen newbies that likely never traded over a few hundred dollars in position sizing in their life give advice to a retired millionaire trader who use to manage money professionally and appeared in a Market Wizard book. Generally the only people that give traders they don’t know unsolicited advice on social media are the ones that have no business doing so and just want to inflate their own ego.
  3. Traders with strong different opinions about the future price action tend to argue. Perma-bulls and perma-bears can really go at it. Since they have no crystal ball or time machine it is best to let the chart settle those arguments as it unfolds.
  4. Traders that have an almost religious fervor for their specific style of trading tend to battle other infidels that do not agree. I have seen many huge battles between day traders and trend followers even though both are profitable traders they condemn the others style and method and believe only their way is the right way. There are as many ways to make money in the market as there are profitable traders. As long as all their winning traders are bigger than all their losing trades over the period they need to be profitable in who is anyone else to question their methods?
  5. Jumping to fast conclusions about someone before really getting to know the facts about the trader or a specific trade is a bad start, it is best to ask questions first and not pick battles until at least the attacker has any idea what they are even attacking specifically.
  6. Trying to sit in judgment on someone is a great way to start a battle.
  7. Attacking someone publicly can get a battle going quickly.
  8. Exposing a fake will get you in some of the biggest battles on social media. Fakes like to keep that a secret.
  9. Giving out false information or ignorant information on social media will bring out some trading police that will battle you. My readers let me know about every typo in my blog.
  10. Traders on social media that spout off about things they know little about will be kept honest by the ones that are experts on that subject. They will publicly correct the ignorant, misinformed, and fakers.