The 10 Key Elements Of A Successful Trader

The 10 Key Elements Of A Successful Trader

 The 10 Key Elements Of A Successful Trader

  1. Their entry parameters have a historical edge that gives them a real probability of profitability.

  2. They are profitable becasue their winning trades are bigger than their losing trades over long periods of time. This is either due to a high winning percentage or really big wins when they are right.

  3. The successful traders know how to exit with a profit while it is still there.

  4. Successful traders are not stubborn they flow with the market price action.

  5. Successful traders winning trades can be as big as the trend will allow but their losses are strictly limited to a very small percent of their trading capital.

  6. Traders that trade the math and not their emotions are the ones that make money in the markets.

  7. The traders that limit their total risk exposure at any time do better over the long term. Big draw downs are very difficult to come back from.

  8. The successful traders have mastered a specific trading style and method that fits their personality and risk tolerance levels.

  9. It is difficult to be a great trader if you do not enjoy the trading game, the best traders love what they do.

  10. Successful traders have done their homework and put in the thousands of hours it takes to know what to do.

  11. Profitable traders focus on the price action not gurus or talking heads on television.

  12. Successful traders have quantified entries and exits, everything is planned.