Get My Option Book On Kindle for $2.99 Today Only & With a Chance to Win an Amazon Kindle

Get My Option Book On Kindle for $2.99 Today Only & With a Chance to Win an Amazon Kindle

Get My Option Book On Kindle for $2.99 Today Only & With a Chance to Win an Amazon Kindle

In order for my option book “Show Me Your Options” to become an official “Bestseller” on the Amazon Kindle platform… 

I need to have real customers with real sales and real testimonials posted on the Amazon website.

What’s surprising is that it doesn’t take a million orders to become a best seller.

By my estimations, if just 100 people buy my Kindle book, it will probably top the list of trading/investing books. Will you help me?

What’s a better way to motivate you to help me than create a great value for your money and a chance to win a great electronic device?  This promotion is trying to inspire you and a few other readers to buy my Kindle e-book for just $2.99 then just write a nice review on And, if you like it, please rate it 5 stars!

I don’t know if only two people will do this favor for me or 100 people, but the odds of you winning the Kindle fire are better than the lottery. Probably about 1 out of 30… that’s great odds!

Next Sunday, I’m going to take all the testimonials directly from the Amazon book page. Then, I’m going to print and put them into a jar and I’m going to randomly pull out the winner of the new Kindle Fire.

Then I’m going to have the brand new KINDLE FIRE shipped to your home, no matter what country you live in… just for buying a $2.99 book and writing a nice testimonial.

Oh, remember if you don’t win, you still get to download and read a really great book on option which you probably want to own anyway. And, after this promotion, I will raise the price back to retail.

I know I’m being very greedy by asking you to spend $2.99. 🙂

You could just write a testimonial on amazon, even if you don’t own the book.

But there’s logic behind my request…

Book buyers are given more credibility than non-buyers. If you write a testimonial on a book that you don’t own, Amazon readers don’t think it’s very credible. But if you actually buy it with your Amazon account, they think it’s highly, highly credible and place your testimonial higher on the page.

This helps new people discover and believe  “Show me your Options”  is a great book.

So if you are willing to help get the newly revised kindle version of the  “Show me your Options a bestseller… use this link:

I believe this book is just as valuable to new traders as the “New Trader, Rich Trader” books and wanted a way to really get it out there to the public to spread the word and this is the deal my publisher was willing to do and I think it is a great deal.

RULES: We need the name and address of the winner to send the Kindle Fire, for that reason we need to have a proof of purchase  invoice e-mailed to [email protected] after you have posted a review of the book on Amazon. This invoice will be printed and used in the drawing and the Kindle will be sent to that address and to the person on it.