1. A break out to a new high or low price out of a price base.

  2. The market rallying on bad news or falling on good news.

  3. A gap in the direction of the current trend.

  4. The huge majority of all traders are in agreement for a long period of time.

  5. The traders on the opposite side of your trade are all getting very emotional.

  6. A technical signal triggering an entry that you have back tested as robust.

  7. A large sample size of back tested trades on a strategy.

  8. The closing prices for a trading day generally are meaningful.

  9. Higher highs and higher lows or lower highs and lower lows in your time frame.

  10. Very few chart patterns.


  1. 90% of CNBC.

  2. Talking heads on financial networks.

  3. Other traders opinions.

  4. Social media picks.

  5. People that are sure they can predict the future.

  6. A small sample size of back tested trades on a strategy.

  7. Most intra-day price movement.

  8. Most chart patterns.

  9. The first 30 minutes of the stock market opening.

  10. Most chart patterns.