1. The long term up trend is firmly in place. With the 50 day holding in $IWM &  the 21 day ema holding in $SPY. Currently $QQQ is the strongest equity index.

  2. All gap downs and dips are still being bought quickly.  The Portugal gap down Thursday in $IWM was met with buyers at the 50 day at the open and rallied back through the gap that day. This is very bullish behavior.

  3. The markets are shrugging off Iraq, Ukraine, and even possible QE being wound down. The thing is all the scared money and bears sold long ago and now there is a line to get into equities at any opportunity, this is where are the bounces come from.

  4. There are much better probabilities buying dips in this market than trying to short strength. A rare pullback to the $SPY 50 day or $IWM 30 RSI would be a golden opportunity to buy for a longer term hold.

  5. This current market environment favors buying weakness and selling long positions into strength.

  6. The pullbacks have been happening intra-day and fast, big quick bounces are the norm.

  7. Very low volatility environments are bullish. 

  8. The market going up in the midst of fear and bad news is bullish.

  9. Traders would be wise to stop trying to pick the top and start profiting from higher highs and pullbacks in this bull market.

  10. It’s A Bull Market You Know!

  11. Individual Stock Ready List as of 07/11/2014

  12. Stocks Digesting Gains And Nothing More