1. YOUR EGO: It wants you to PROVE you are right, it wants you to trade big, the ego wants you to be confident in your ability to trade before you are competent in your trading through the right education and experience.

  2. YOUR FEARS: Fear makes you afraid to take your entry when it is triggered and afraid to let a winner run thinking it will turn into a loser. Fear comes from a lack of faith and lack of faith arises from lack of the proper study before you start trading.

  3. YOUR GREED: It makes you trade too big and too much. Greed makes you want to risk too it all to get rich quick. Greed usually leads to get broke quick trades. Greed wants to take a short cut to success and you have to travel the full road to get to where you really want to go. You have to go through the work and experiences to get to success.

  4. NO TRADING PLAN: If you do not have a map it does not matter where you want to go you will end up somewhere else. Every trade should be planned when the market is closed and then executed reacting to prices when the market is open. With no plan long term results are virtually impossible.

  5. YOU: The weakest part of any trading system is the trader that is suppose to follow it. If you do not put in the work to develop a trading plan that fits you, develop and keep discipline, manage your risk, and stick to the plan regardless of how you feel then no trading system will work for you.