1.  Friday bounces back above all key support levels. $QQQ 5 day ema, $SPY 50 day, $IWM 200 day, and $DIA over the 100 day. By the end of the day the support did hold.

  2. Buyers stepped in to buy even after all the geopolitical risk escalated on the Ukraine news about the destroying of a Russian convoy column. Failing to stay down with all the fear on Friday is a bullish sign.

  3. This market has a lot of momentum and is pulling away from short term moving averages which is usually the sign of a strong up trend.

  4. A big reversal day like Friday generally holds and the trend up continues.

  5. $QQQ & $SPY both over their 50 RSIs and $IWM & $DIA almost in the bull half of the RSI chart. There is still plenty of room to advance with out becoming overbought after the recent bounce.

  6. Many leading stocks still holding up very well. examples: $FB $GOOGL

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  10. S&P can’t stay here, and must choose 1935 or 1988 soon. Details Sunday 8am New York (EDT)