Just Stop It….

  1. Stop trying to predict the future, it does not exist. Play the current probabilities not a prophecy.

  2. Quit holding on to losing trades when you are proven wrong. If you want to be profitable in trading you better have small losses.

  3. Trying to pick tops and bottoms is a low probability trade. Trading with a trend is where the money is made.

  4. Trading huge position sizes is a great way to stress yourself out and let fear overtake your ability to make good decisions. Stop trading so big and trade a comfortable level that allows you to trade your plan.

  5. Stop trying to look like a genius with some clever market call and aim to instead just make money with good trades.

  6. Stop looking for the  ‘picks’ from others and start building your own trading system based on historical facts.

  7. Stop trading things you don’t understand.

  8. Stop trading before you educate yourself on what actually makes money in the markets.

  9. Stop setting your stops so close to your entry and being shaken out with random noise.

  10. Stop calling a bear market crash and start making money from the long side in a powerful bull market.