Ten Annoying Things That Traders Do On Social Media

 Ten Annoying Things That Traders Do On Social Media 

  1. Attacking another trader’s position without understanding the time frame or the position size of one of the trade.

  2. Trying to be a teacher of trading when they should still be students.

  3. Trying to make a living off selling services to traders and not even trading their own accounts.

  4. Thinking that their way to make money in the markets is the only way.

  5. When they think because they failed at trading that no one else can do it profitably.

  6. Projecting their own weaknesses and internal problems on others.

  7. Picking fights with others out of their own ignorance.

  8. Blaming HFTs, The FED, the government, Market Makers and anything they can instead of taking responsibility for their own trading.

  9. Trying to tear people down to make themselves feel better.

  10. Being a bitter bear in a bull market or a loud bull in a bear market.