10 Ways to be in the Circle of Profitability



“Stay in the center of the circle, and let all things take their course.” – Lao Tzu

For long term profitability a trader must develop an edge over other traders, and then leverage that edge using discipline. Money comes from a trader’s ability to develop a system of robust entries and exits, and trade it using a plan that incorporates risk management. 

Regardless of what is going on around you in the markets, stay inside your circle of competence as a trader:

  1. Follow your trading plan.
  2. Take your trade entry signals and set ups.
  3. Manage your risk closely.
  4. Cut your losses when you are proven wrong.
  5. Keep trading within your own time frame.
  6. Keep following your own tested system.
  7. Don’t start trading out of fear.
  8. Don’t start to position size based on greed.
  9. If you are on a losing streak, trade smaller not bigger until you start winning again.
  10. Do not let others predictions and opinions influence your trading; trade price action.