My 10 Trading Resolutions for 2015


  1. I will only take the very best trade set ups in 2015 discarding the average and mediocre ones. I want each trade to have an excellent risk/reward ratio.
  2. I will position size based on the worse case scenario for volatility and range expansion not what I think is a safe bet.
  3. I will use more option contracts when their volume permits in my trades to limit my risk to the size of the option contract instead of using so much capital to trade equities.
  4. I will limit my total risk exposure to only two trades on at a time.
  5. I will focus on limiting my losses and drawdowns in 2015 to in return maximize my gains.
  6. I will be looking to structure trades for a more consistent monthly return by trading stock indexes primarily.
  7. I will focus on understanding the emotions  that arise during my trades, each trade will be made with a clean slate focused exclusively on current price action.
  8. I will be in absolutely no hurry to place trades. I will be waiting for trades to come to me.
  9. I will flow with the patterns and price action of the markets and restrain from bias and options. Signals will be my guide.
  10. I will double my efforts in backtests and chart pattern studies of historical charts.