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$GPRO has created a new level of interactive experience with its point-of-view cameras. This technology enables people to record and share their real-life experiences quickly and easily to YouTube and other social media platforms.

  • GoPro has been one the most active stocks on the market since the IPO in 2014. In October of 2014, the stock registered a 52-week high of $98.47 after it’s IPO at $24, almost quadrupling in a few months. This shows that demand is there, and opens the possibility of a return to those highs this year.
  • $GPRO has a deal with the National Hockey League to bring the fan on the field through camera placement. This could be the beginning of a whole new market for them.
  • The fear of the lockup expiration has expired, taking a lot of the typical fear off the table that happens after IPOs.
  • GoPro shares rose on December 26th, when it was reported their cameras were the best selling in that category over the holiday season.
  • With mutual funds and money managers on the lookout for growth stocks, $GPRO is a good candidate, thanks to the potential market reach.

$GPRO is too young to have a 200 day moving average. When it appears, it will be a great place to look for a potential trading frame of reference, particularly if it continues to form a price base in the $50 range. $GPRO presents a lot of potential to double from $50 to $100 in the next year, if competitors are kept at bay. It has the potential of sales, revenue, and earnings growth that could send it rocketing skyward. It is definitely one to watch for those looking for that next, hot monster stock.