12 Habits of Trading Trolls

Social Media can be a lot of fun for traders but at times the fun and sharing is interrupted by rudeness, arrogance, or ignorance, or all of these things combined.

Here are ten examples of common annoyances we likely will experience as we navigate the trading world that exists inside social media.

  1. You enter a trade and they give you unsolicited warnings about the imminent danger you are exposing yourself to.
  2. They worry about your trades publicly with no understanding of your position sizing or your detachment to the outcome of any one trade.
  3. They want to argue with you about your stance on the market and don’t understand that your sentiment follows the trend.
  4. They argue about if something is going up or down and don’t even know your trading time frame.
  5. You get accused of having no ‘conviction’ about your trade when you don’t have conviction about any trade just a high probability entry and a stop loss.
  6. They ask for your opinion about a specific market when what they need is a trading system.
  7. They ask you what they should do about one of their positions when what they need is a trading plan before they enter a position.
  8. They argue fundamentals against a technical trader.
  9. They want to debate whether a specific methodology works against a profitable trader that knows it does.
  10. They confuse the ability to make fancy charts with the ability to make money trading that chart.
  11. They confuse a bull market with the ability to trade.
  12. They think because they can’t make money trading that no one else can either.


If someone does these to you then don’t waste your time, just push the block button, life is too short.