The 5 Websites I Frequent the Most

The 5 Websites I Frequent the Most

As traders, we have unlimited online distractions. I limit my time to five websites that are my go-to places for charts, news, learning, and connecting with other traders.

I hang out most the day on Twitter. I enjoy the flow of information, seeing what other traders are doing, and reading interesting facts from all over the world.

I am a paid subscriber to and I am constantly looking at charts at the open and the close. I may also watch for key levels to be reached intra-day for buy and sell decisions.

I checkout my educational facebook trading group (New Traders, Rich Traders, and Good Traders) a few times a day to see what everyone’s posting and talking about. This is a free group and you can be added by sending a request to [email protected] (It is a secret group, only members can see it).

I go on StockTwits once a day. I like how they organize their information through specific ticker threads.

These are my daily online hangouts. What are yours? Tweet me!