Best 25 Traders to Follow on Twitter 2015

Best 25 Traders to Follow on Twitter 2015

The 2015 winner for best trader on twitter is NorthmanTrader with 339 votes! Well done!

Here are the results from the best trader on twitter poll I conducted this year. A lot of familiar names that received hundreds of votes and some new faces that have made a market on financial twitter over the past year. The traders that got the most vote achieved this probably by sharing great content, lessons on trading, and live trades. This is a great way for me to find new and interesting traders to follow on twitter. It is also a great place for new traders to begin on twitter to see who they find helpful and traders that fit their own time frame, risk tolerance, and methodology. This list was derived by a poll and are not my personal opinions or an endorsement for everyone on this list. We still all trade at our own risk and have to do our due diligence. I will be following most of the traders on this list. Thanks to everyone who participated by sharing, voting, and helping us all find some of the best follows for 2016.

Previous winners were:

SharpTraders 2012

CiovaccoCapital 2013

SharpTraders 2014

The 2015 rankings:

#1 @NorthmanTrader

#2 @AsennaWealth

#3 @Mella_TA

#4 @SJosephBurns

#5 @Rayner_Teo

#6 @Canuck2usa

#7 @Alphatrends

#8 @RedDogT3

#9 @SharpTraders

#10 @Tradeciety

#11 @PeterGhostine

#12 @CiovaccoCapital

#13 @Alsabogal

#14 @JBoorman

#15 @zozotrader

#16 @DanZanger

#17 @EdMatts

#18 @WallStJesus

#19 @TraderStewie

#20 @SunriseTrader

#21 @Trader_Dante

#22 @WeeklyOptTrader

#23 @OptionsHawk

#24 @ChessNwine

#25 @Ew_Trader

Best 25 Traders to Follow on Twitter 2015