10 Keys to Success in Life

10 Keys to Success in Life
10 Keys to Success in Life
Photo: Asher Isbrucker

Success is a manner of deciding what is most important to you, and then making the right choices to getting to where you want to be. Success has a price, and we have to pay that price upfront before we see the result of our efforts.

  1. Don’t let where you start in life define where you end up.
  2. Write down your goals for your career, finances, relationships, health, and happiness.
  3. Invest your effort, time, and energy into actions that move you toward your goals.
  4. Say no to people that try to waste your time, energy, or money.
  5. Go in one steady and focused direction toward your most important goals.
  6. Learn from your mistakes, recalculate, and keep going.
  7. Learn from people that you admire.
  8. Relentlessly pursue what you are passionate about in life.
  9. Guard your health by eating healthy and getting exercise.
  10. Guard your thoughts carefully; what you accept as reality can create or destroy everything very quickly.

The harder and longer we work at doing the right things to reach our goals, the better the probabilities are that we will get to where we want to be. A lot of happiness can be found on the path to success, and we have to enjoy the pursuit. However, there is no guarantee of outcomes, even if we pay the price. Giving up, allowing our fears to take over, and failure is far more costly, and that path usually leads to long term unhappiness.