Twitter bird

  1. Follow people that add value to your tweet stream. Look for the sharing of information that you find useful.
  2. Follow a variety of traders, ones that are like you and also those that stretch you to question what you think you know and challenge you to grow as a trader.
  3. Look to follow and support the people you like and not attack what you do not like.
  4. There are lots of groups of traders on twitter. Find the group that fits your own personality.
  5. Understand that everyone does not trade on the same timeframe. Do not jump to conclusions quickly before you understand a trader’s timeframe and stop loss level.
  6. Do not take any one trade too seriously on social media. You do not know someone else’s trade size or what will make them change their minds. One trade should be just one of the next 100 if the position sizing is right.
  7. If you want to unfollow someone just do it, don’t make it a dramatic thing with a ‘twitter unfollow suicide note’ proclaiming your disappointment and that you will be unfollowing now. That is a sign of self importance. Just move on.
  8. There is a fine line between challenging someone and trolling someone. A challenge is an open dialogue about the facts. Trolling is a preconceived belief and judgement and then personal attacks. Do not waste your time and energy on trolls. The block button is like your mute button use it to turn off the noise.
  9. Use Twitter for a purpose.  Twitter can be a tool for learning, growing, searching for information, breaking news, making friends, collaborating, connecting, sharing, network building, and entertainment. Do not waste your time, get out of twitter what you came for.
  10. Twitter is like an interconnected worldwide texting platform. You can meet people from around the world in real time. You can follow your favorite traders. You can build your own audience by sharing value with the trading community. Everyone’s twitter experience is different. Build your own Twitter account and use it exactly the way you want to.