One of my new favorite websites is created by Raj @LucidTrend on twitter. Raj has done an amazing job creating signals by quantifying trends in different timeframes and then sharing many of them on his site.  The creates the reading for the short, medium, and long term trend. You can get a current trend analysis of the ticker of your choice by keying it in the analyze box.

  • The site highlights the performance of his strategy’s performance in all three time frames with risk rules of 1% and 2%.
  • You can quickly see the performance of your stock for the past three years.
  • You can also see if your stock is above the key long term moving averages: 50 day, 150 day, and the 200 day.
  • The performance of his past short term signals is shown in several different columns.
  • The website also has Darvas stocks with their momentum signals. contains tons of free and quick trend readings for traders along with even more for those that sign up for the site. I love the site and recommend it as a resource for traders.
  • Registered users can execute their trade using his strategy straight from the website.
  • He has explored human psychology of what works and how it’s able to work using Fintech nonbiased commentary.
  • Everything is color coded red meaning bearish and green meaning bullish.
  • also uses simple weather images to show trends from the sunny bullish break out to the twister representing the bearish breakdown using eight different conditions.

Great work by Raj at building a great site for traders!
Explanation of visual trend images.