10 Simple Wealth Building Habits

Here are ten steps to growing your personal wealth through good financial habits.

  1. Be long stocks during bull markets.
  2. Exit stocks and go to cash during bear markets.
  3. Buy your home in an area that is growing in population, business, and opportunities.
  4. Create cash flowing assets.
  5. Buy bonds only when interest rates are high +6%.
  6. If you want a job then choose a skill that can be applied to a career in an industry that is growing.
  7. The more value you create for your customers, boss, or company the more money you will make.
  8. Ideas applied correctly is the biggest wealth creator in the 21st century.
  9. The less expenses you have the more capital you will free up for investments.
  10. You can’t get rich from selling your time, wealth is created through the leverage of assets and the compounding growth of capital.

Wealth is created through the conversion of your time into financial assets and then growing those assets through compounding their returns over time.