Think & Trade Like a Champion
Think & Trade Like a Champion

Mark Minervini really brought a huge amount of value to the trading world by writing this book with far greater actionable details than other books on the market. He takes the trader through the technical dynamics it takes to be a profitable stock trader. By starting with a trading plan that defines your actions and setting position sizing parameters to protect your capital he guides the trader step by step. This book is a great sequel to his other book as he builds on his past lessons by adding a more specific technical approach of buying strength in up trends at key points that but the odds of success in his favor.

Mr. Minervini believes in buying the stocks that are in established up trends based on price trending above key moving averages and his buys go in the path of least resistance. He explains how he reads stock charts through volume and contracting volatility and before it breaks out and overcomes resistance so he is ready to buy when the time is right.

The book is full of charts, patterns, and historical trades of market leaders that he made successfully. He explains the different stages of a stock as it goes through cycles of accumulation and distribution through different price bases

One of the most important lessons in this book are his explanations of creating the right risk/reward ratios at entry through comparing your stop loss to your potential upside profits without a positive expectancy nothing will work. This is a great book on trading growth stocks written by a Market Wizard with a proven track record of success. I highly recommend this book be in every stock trader’s library and belongs along side the other greatest stock trading books ever written.

Think & Trade Like a Champion: The Secrets, Rules & Blunt Truths of a Stock Market Wizard