There are principles to wealth just like there are things that will leave you broke with little or no money. Money flows from those that consume to those that create. The world is a big cash flow chart and employees, investors, traders, business owners, and consumers are all part of the flow. Money flows from those that do not know how to manage it to those that do. Here are ten ways to position yourself on the right side of the flow of capital. It is a combination of self control, discipline, and math that will help you grow your wealth.

  1. A job is when you work for money. Wealth is when money works for you.
  2. An hourly job will not make you rich; owning businesses, real estate, and stocks can make you wealthy over the long term.
  3. Assets make you money while you sleep. Liabilities cost you money while you sleep.
  4. Ethical wealth creates jobs, products, innovative technology, online platforms,  and wealthy investors. Unethical wealth just takes.
  5. If you believe money is unethical you will never have much.
  6. Money flows from those that consume to those of create what others want to buy.
  7. The growth of compounded returns is the biggest secret to wealth. Don’t eat the seeds that can grow into an abundant harvest. Let your capital grow don’t spend it all.
  8. Don’t let losers into your life. They will drag you down through negativity.
  9. Learn and grow in one direction for 10 years to become an expert in some industry.
  10. Your net worth is the difference between the value you created, how much your assets grew in value and the quantity of products you consumed.