What Exactly is a Forex Trading Plan?

What Exactly is a Forex Trading Plan?

This is a Guest Post by Ivan @Retail_Trading

Social media is a dangerous place for anyone new and in search of good trading mentors.
I have seen this time and time again. People come in, join Facebook groups, follow people on Instagram and then those GURUS start posting charts with arrows and trend lines just like the ones I will show you in the intro part of the below video. 

Rest assured that a chart with some lines on it are not a trading plan that guarantees you profitability over the long run. This is just a post from a so-called social media trader wanna be who is trying to lure you in some kind of a scam. Next post from this guy tends to be that his family “ate” tonight and that their discretionary trading caught 1000 of pips over the last week. 

Stay away from these kind of people and be aware of them. To paint the entire picture for you and to better understand what a real Forex trading plan really is please watch the video. 

If you have any questions please write them down in the comments on this video and I will answer them ASAP.


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