Different Types of Wealth in Your Life Portfolio

Different Types of Wealth in Your Life Portfolio

There are six different types of wealth you can have in your portfolio of life.

  1. Wealth measured in quantity of money and things you possess.
  2. Wealth in success and fame which gives you status and power.
  3. Wealth in health when you are not ill or sick.
  4. Wealth in time so your day belongs to you.
  5. Wealth in spirit gives you peace of mind.
  6. Wealth in love gives you rich relationships.

Being poor in any of the above can make you unhappy even with five of the others.

  • It is difficult to live happily in poverty.
  • Status and power has little meaning without the other five.
  • Losing your health clouds the enjoyment of all other areas.
  • You are a servant to whatever controls your time.
  • Without peace of mind you can’t enjoy the other five much.
  • Without love your loneliness can make the other five feel empty.

Be careful to not sacrifice any one of your greatest sources of wealth for the others. Your goal should be a life of balance to be wealthy in all six areas because if you are poor in one you can end up with a feeling of poverty even when you have some of the others.