Here are ten current high yielding dividend stocks in 2020 for income investors and value investors to take a look at. 

Purchasing a well known company listed on a major exchange that you are familiar with can add a margin of safety with high yielding stocks. Many times high yields can be a warning sign of problems with the company so you must also do due diligence and look at the fundamentals of the underlying business. 

Buying an income producing dividend stock position to an investment portfolio can add diversification. This list contains some of the highest yielding dividend paying stocks of companies you may be familiar with. 

Brookfield Partners $BPY +7.11% dividend yield.

Occidental Petroleum $OXY +7.25% dividend yield.

Iron Mountain $IRM  +7.25% dividend yield.

Royal Dutch Shell $RDS +7.44% dividend yield. 

Ford Motors $F +7.46% dividend yield.

Altria $MO +7.45% dividend yield.

Century Link Inc. $CTL +7.53% Dividend Yield. 

Macy’s $M +9.13% dividend yield.

Invesco Mortgage Capital $IVR Inc +11.00% Dividend Yield.

 Macerich Company $MAC +12.91% dividend yield.

**This post is for educational and information purposes only and is not investment advice.**

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By Steve Burns

After a lifelong fascination with financial markets, Steve began investing in 1993 and trading his accounts in 1995. It was love at first trade. After more than 30 successful years in the markets, Steve now dedicates his time to helping traders improve their psychology and profitability. New Trader U offers an extensive blog resource with more than 4,000 original articles, online courses, and best-selling books covering various topics.