7 Trading Podcasts Traders Need To Hear

7 Trading Podcasts Traders Need To Hear

This is a guest post by Katherine Rundell.

Anyone who keeps an eye on the market knows that knowledge is power. So when you’re not actively trading, if you’re looking to maximize the return on your investments you need to keep your hand in by following the latest market trends and learning about how veteran traders found success. Podcasts are a great way to incorporate learning into your daily life, whether it’s making breakfast or your morning commute, put that time to good use.

1) The Stock Trading Reality Podcast

 Hosted by two big personalities, Chezz and ClayTrader’s long running podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to get into trading. By bringing on experienced traders and industry professionals, this podcast is full of practical tips for making money on the market. The two hosts have years of experience trading between them, and the lessons they’ve learned in trading are incredibly valuable for anyone whether you’re a veteran trader or taking the first steps on your trading journey.

2) Top Traders Unplugged Podcast

 Top Traders Unplugged aims to provide a thorough guide to systematic trading and investing and as such it comes absolutely packed with tips, tricks and wisdom to help you find success on the market. Your host Niels Kaastrup-Larsen brings years of experience managing hedge funds to the fore in this podcast, and he’s pretty much seen it all in his time. By introducing leading figures of the finance industry and interviewing them on the podcast, each episode covers different ground and is packed with great info.

3) Two Blokes Trading Podcast

 Two Blokes provides an accessible and engaging look into the world of online trading. Host Tom states his mission as helping all traders out there turn a profit, believing that most don’t stick in the game long enough to see success. This motivational and informative podcast will inspire you to stick your neck out, and armed with Tom’s tricks and tips you’ll be seeing your investments skyrocket in no time.

4) Talking Trading

 Talking Trading has been hosting interviews between veteran trader Caroline Stephen and a wide range of finance professionals, generating fascinating conversations about what it takes to get ahead in the world of trading. Coming out once weekly, this podcast should instantly find a place in your listening schedule as each episode is packed with wisdom. A recent favourite of mine was the episode exploring the power of intuition – these conceptual shifts often provide huge leaps towards success.

5) Invest Like the Best

 This weekly podcast explores trends and themes in the world of trading, always staying on the cutting edge of the finance industry. As well as providing an expert account of the latest market movements, this podcast features engaging stories and interviews with people who have taken that trading journey. By listening to successful individuals reflect on what went right – and wrong – you’ll be maximizing your chances of emulating their success and making the market work for you.

6) Mad Money With Jim Cramer

 Jim Cramer is one of Wall Street’s most successful traders, and this podcast gives you a glimpse at how his mind works. Learn from the best by absorbing Cramer’s tips and tricks all delivered in the hugely entertaining style that’s made him world famous. This podcast has one goal: teaching you how to make money. You’d be a fool to ignore it.

7) Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

 There’s no better way to gain an insight into the training world than by listening to the experiences of those who are on the front line. Exchanges brings Goldman Sachs employees into conversation, discussing the real experiences of working in the busy world of trading. Timely insights into market fluctuations make this podcast a great source of information if you’re looking to catch a great deal. Take the opportunity to get a glimpse into one of the most successful financial institutions in the world.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Online trading is a world just fingertips away and presents the potential for making enormous profits. It’s a complex world to begin with, but getting started on your portfolio today is the best way to secure your future. These podcasts feature the best tricks and tips for managing your investments and finding success on the market.

 Katherine Rundell is a writer at History Writing Service and Paper Fellows services and a blogger at Assignment Writer. She started her career in the City of London and has gone on to raise two children whilst pursuing success in the finance industry.

7 Trading Podcasts Traders Need To Hear
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