Rickshaw Man Doji (Long Legged Doji) Candlestick Patterns

Rickshaw Man Doji (Long Legged Doji) Candlestick Patterns

A rickshaw man doji is also called a long legged doji and is a candlestick pattern that have a tiny body with the open and closing prices almost the same and long wicks/shadows both higher and lower. They are neutral as a standalone candle but can also show turning points when they form at extremes near the end of a trend.

Rickshaw Man Doji (Long Legged Doji) Candlestick Patterns
Image by Colibri Trader

In an uptrending market a long-legged doji can warn of an impending reversal to the downside. In a downtrending market a long-legged doji can signal a potential reversal to the upside.

Wherever this candle forms it signals a volatility expansion, this generally shows that a trading price range is going to expand and also the odds are that a chart will eventually move lower over time. 

Long-legged doji candles can just signal the end of a trend and the beginning of a sideways range bound market as neither buyers or sellers can get the upper hand in bidding a market up or down. Buyers and sellers are always equal in trading action it is the price that changes and moves based on current bid/ask spreads agreeing to make a trade. A long-legged doji shows an agreement was reached by the end of a period after a wide trading battle between buyers and sellers happen over a large range of prices.

  • Long-legged doji have long upper and lower wicks and a tiny body with the opening and closing price almost the same.
  • This candle pattern signals indecision.
  • It can be a reversal signal during strong trends. 
  • It can also signal a new range bound market. 
  • It can signal an expansion in volatility.
  • Many traders will wait for the next candle on the chart after the long-legged doji to confirm a reversal as waiting for confirmation creates a higher probability of success than signaling off just one candle. 
  • The long-legged doji can be caused by a news event that drives volatility expansion as the new information is priced into the chart.
  • The odds of it being a reversal signal are higher when the long-legged doji candle occurs in an uptrend near an overbought reading or it appears in a downtrend near an oversold reading.

Rickshaw Man Doji (Long Legged Doji) Candlestick Patterns

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