Current Bill Ackman Net Worth 2021

Current Bill Ackman Net Worth 2021

The current Bill Ackman net worth is over $2.3 billion. He is ranked as the 25th richest hedge fund manager in the U.S. and #391 on the Forbes 400 wealthy list and ranked the 1,305th richest person in the world. 

Bill Ackman is a self-made billionaire through operating the Pershing Square Capital Management hedge fund that he founded in 2004. He became famous for his short position on bond insurer MBIA in 2008/2009 and his rescue of mall operator General Growth early on in his career.

He is usually contrarian in his trades and investments betting against companies by going short their stock when they are popular but he sees a flawed business model. He will also buy stocks when they are not popular when he sees potential unmonetized company value in their stock price. He considers himself an activist investor trying to create change through his vocal involvement with the companies he has investment positions in.

He became more famous when he was featured in the Netflix documentary “Betting on Zero” showing his public short bet on Herbalife. 

Bill Ackman’s trade in March of 2020 made him one of the first traders with size measured in tens of millions to ever be known to make 100 times his money in 10 days in just three weeks at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ackman turned $27 million in premium paid to buy credit default swaps into a profit of $2.6 billion. He reinvested most of that windfall in the long positions he wanted to protect by buying the insurance. Then during the April 2020 stock market rebound after the lows, he made approximately $1 billion more through the long positions he had hedged. Bill Ackman’s $27 million bet made $3.6 billion in total profits.[1]

Bill Ackman has had a lot of big wins and big losses in his professional investing and trading career most are very entertaining to watch play out in real time as a big win or a big loss. 

Bill Ackman’s net worth has been over $2.6 billion at his peak but his fortune is closely tied to his hedge funds success in assets under management and quarterly returns.

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Current Bill Ackman Net Worth 2021
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