Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

A fixed mindset is the belief that the current abilities of intelligence and talent are fixed just the way they will always be for a person. It is the belief that people are born and destined to be at a certain level of ability. A fixed mindset accepts their current level of performance and intelligence as fixed and do not try to improve and grow. They believe people are born with talent that enables success more than effort. They believe performance is inherently fixed and static. 

A growth mindset doesn’t believe that abilities and intelligence are limited to their current levels but instead can be developed and improved upon with study, work, and goal setting. A growth mindset looks at future potential and strives for growth in all areas of life through work, education, exercise, entrepreneurship and self improvement.

A fixed mindset avoids challenges as a waste of time, a growth mindset embraces challenges as a path to growth. 

A fixed mindset gives up on setting goals and believes the present situation is just the way things are, a growth mindset has the perseverance to learn more to overcome obstacles to achieve goals. 

A fixed mindset focuses on the minimum effort needed in a situation as extra effort is wasted, while a growth mindset puts forth the effort needed to get to the next level of rewards. 

A fixed mindset sees negative feedback as a personal attack on them or proof of their lack of ability, while a growth mindset sees feedback as positive and uses it constructively to make adjustments on efforts to learn and grow. 

A fixed mindset is jealous and threatened by the success of others as they see potential opportunities as finite, while a growth mindset learns from the success of others and sees potential opportunities as infinite. 

People with a fixed mindset sees their place in the world as limited and their destiny and place in life as unavoidable. The growth mindset believes in unlimited freedom and opportunity and that only time separates them from their goals when they are willing to do the work necessary to achieve what they want. 

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset
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