Jeff Bezos current net worth in 2021 is $186.2 billion making him the second richest person in the world according to Forbes. He was bumped from the richest spot this year by Bernard Arnault & family. His net worth is up over the past 12 months as it is tied closely to Amazon stock price.

Jeff Bezos’ vast wealth is derived from the value of his Amazon stock holdings. The Amazon stock price has been almost completely correlated with the growth of his personal fortune. Jeff Bezos remains the top holder of Amazon shares. According to Yahoo, he owns approximately 51 million shares of Amazon stock, for a stake worth over $165 billion as of May 2021. [1]

Bezos hit his all time high net worth in late August 2020. As Amazon stock reached all time highs at $3552.25 he was the first person to ever be worth over $200 billion .

In July 2019, Jeff Bezos’ net worth fell approximately $36 billion after his divorce was finalized. His ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos received 4% of Amazon (19.7 million shares) in their divorce settlement. 

Jeff Bezos followed the path to becoming a billionaire that the richest people in the world take. He built a business big enough to take it IPO then held a large initial equity stake and grew the business into one of the biggest corporations in the world. This is also an example of the power of owning equity in a publicly traded company because the leverage it gives an investor to build wealth is staggering. Every investor that still held 286 shares became a millionaire as the stock went over $3,500 a share. 

Current Jeff Bezos Net Worth 2021 Update
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