Current Dave Ramsey Net Worth 2022

Current Dave Ramsey Net Worth 2022

The current Dave Ramsey net worth is approximately $200 million in 2022. [1]

Ramsey is best known as a radio personality for his syndicated program, The Dave Ramsey Show which is the fourth most popular in the U.S. on over 500 radio stations. [2]

He is the author of many personal finance and business books including five The New York Times bestsellers.

He is a graduate of the College of Business Administration at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a degree in Finance and Real Estate, in the class of 1982. He believes that the cost of a college education should be considered when making decisions about where to go to school and what to major in.

He founded the financial counselling and coaching company The Lampo Group, Inc. in 1992 and rebranded it as Ramsey Solutions in 2014. The company’s headquarters are now located in Franklin, Tennessee, on a new 47-acre campus opened in 2019.

I started listening to Dave Ramsey locally in 1992 on the local 99.7 radio station in Nashville, Tennessee when he first started as the cohost of The Money Game with Roy Matlock. We are both from Antioch, TN and grew up in the same area, he is twelve years older than me with a birthday within three days of my own.

I first read a copy of the first edition of his self-published book Financial Peace in 1992. It was life changing in opening my eyes to the importance of managing my personal finances so that I had peace of mind, no stress, and could build capital. I have read almost all of his other books and they are some of the best for learning how to achieve personal financial peace.

He teaches the importance of staying out of debt except maybe a 15-year mortgage, having an emergency fund, investing in a 401K or Roth IRA, and being generous by giving.

I agree with his personal financial strategy for most people however I don’t agree with his buy and hold investing system as the drawdowns in capital can be brutal during market crashes and real multi-year bear markets and I believe any investment advice should be dependent on the investors time frame, risk tolerance, and goals that are not considered with one size fits all advice.

Current Dave Ramsey Net Worth 2022