The Most Powerful Mindset for Success

The Most Powerful Mindset for Success

Your mindset is the framework of self-perceptions and beliefs you think about yourself. It’s the mental model you use as a filter for how you see ourself in relation to the world. Your mindset determines behavior, future outlook, and your general mental attitude. The mindset you carry determines what you believe is possible for you based on your internal narrative and determines how you see the nature of the external world. Mindsets are like the type of software you use as the operating system for your thoughts.

Let’s take a look at seven different types of mindsets.

What are the 7 Mindsets of success?

1. Growth Mindset

The growth mindset believes improving and getting better every day is possible. The fixed mindset only sees the present moment.

2. Positive Mindset

The positive mindset likes to see the good in people, events, and circumstances. A negative mindset only sees the bad.

3. Abundance Mindset

The abundance mindset sees unlimited opportunities in the world. A scarcity mindset only sees limitations.

4. Faith Mindset

The faith mindset believes in their abilities and their destiny. A doubtful mindset only sees the potential for failure.

5. Goal Oriented Mindset 

The goal oriented mindset always sees a path to a new level of success. People with no goals are victims of circumstances.

6. Creative Mindset

The creative mindset sees things for what they could be. Non-creative people only see what exists now.

7. Intuitive Mindset

The intuitive mindset can see patterns and possibilities on a subconscious levels due to their past experiences or intelligence. Non-intuitive people have no instincts for what could happen next.

What is the best mindset for success?

The growth mindset can be the best mindset for success as it doesn’t limit your upside potential and sees growth and improvement as its number one focus.

A growth mindset doesn’t believe that abilities and intelligence are limited to their current levels but that you can develop, grow, and improve. Study, work, and goal setting are believed to be the path to success with the growth based mindset. A growth mindset looks at future potential and strives for growth in all areas of life through effort, education, exercise, entrepreneurship and self improvement. Today is not thought of as where you will end up in life as your destiny is based in the future that you have control over by what you do today.

A fixed mindset in contrast is more common, the belief that your current abilities of  intelligence and talent are fixed at the level they will always be for you. A fixed mindset is holding the belief that you are born at a certain level of ability and intelligence and that determines your destiny along with good luck or bad luck.

A person with a fixed mindset accepts their current level of performance and intelligence as fixed and doesn’t try much to improve their self and grow as a person. People with a fixed mindset believe everyone is born with talent that enables success more than effort does. They believe performance in any area of life is primarily fixed and static. The common belief is that people are born with talent or not.

A fixed mindset avoids challenges, practice, training, and reading as a waste of time, a growth mindset embraces challenges and working towards improving as a path to growth.

A fixed mindset gives up on setting goals and believes the present situation is just the way things will always be, a growth mindset has the perseverance to keep learning more and working hard to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

A fixed mindset focuses on giving only the minimum effort needed in a situation as extra effort is wasted, while a growth mindset puts forth whatever effort is needed for however long it takes to get to the next level and closer to their goals.

A fixed mindset sees negative feedback as personal or proof of their lack of ability and talent, while a growth mindset sees feedback as positive and uses it constructively to make adjustments on efforts to learn and grow and improve future results.

A fixed mindset is jealous, envious, and threatened by the success of others as they see potential opportunities as limited and finite, while a growth mindset learns from the success of others and sees potential opportunities as infinite.

People with a fixed mindset see their place in the world as limited and their life circumstances as unavoidable. The growth mindset believes in unlimited freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams and that only time separates them from their goals when they are willing to do the work and research necessary to achieve what they want.

A fixed mindset believes their destiny is set at birth, a growth mindset believes they create their own destiny.

Regardless of where you start out at in life, a growth mindset is the best path for optimizing where you end up in life.


The first secret to success is to have written goals. You can only achieve what you know you want to pursue. Whether you actually achieve those goals is determined by the robustness of the system you create to achieve them.

People Skills

A large amount of success is determined by who your partners are in life or business. The team you are on is a huge factor on whether you win. Your employees, boss, spouse, parents, and business associates have a high weighting on the level of your success. Your people skills play a primary role in how successful you are in all areas of life. Team building is a high value activity on the path to success.


Most people never really fail they just quit too early before they even knew they had a chance to succeed. Even more people never even try. Your competition in your industry or field are the people that never quit. The biggest and most simple edge you can have on the road to success is just to never quit. Restart, rethink, and try a different way, just don’t quit. Failures are just lessons if you keep going in the direction of your goals.

The Most Powerful Mindset for Success
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