MrBeast Current Net Worth 2023

MrBeast Current Net Worth 2023

How Much Money MrBeast Makes

Mr. Beast’s Earnings: As one of the top creators on YouTube, Mr. Beast has earned a significant amount of money from his channel. The below estimates are from Social Blade based on factors such as Mr. Beast’s number of views, subscribers, and the range of possible average cost-per-impression of his ads.

What is MrBeast’s monthly income?

His estimated monthly earnings are between $405.4K – $6.5M.

How much does MrBeast make a year?

His estimated yearly earnings are between $4.9M – $77.8M.[1]

In addition to his YouTube earnings, Mr. Beast has makes money through sponsorships and brand partnerships. As the MrBeast channel gained traction, it started working with progressively larger brands including Quidd, CSGO Lotto, Honey, and TikTok. [2]He has endorsed products such as Mountain Dew and Dollar Shave Club and has worked with companies such as Amazon and Nike on sponsored content. It’s difficult to estimate the amount of money Mr. Beast has made from sponsorships, but it’s likely to be a significant portion of his overall income. MrBeast did confirm he has had sponsorships in the $3 million dollar range.

Mr. Beast has also made money through merchandise sales, such as t-shirts and hats bearing his logo. He launched several successful business ventures, including a clothing line and a line of energy drinks. These ventures are likely to have contributed to Mr. Beast’s overall earnings. His MrBeast Burgers brand has done over $100 million in sales revenue.

Overall, Mr. Beast’s earnings are likely in the $100 million dollars per year range, with a significant portion coming from his YouTube channel and sponsored content. However, it’s important to note that these estimates are just that – estimates – and Mr. Beast’s actual earnings may be higher or lower than these figures. Since his companies are private they don’t issue public earnings announcements.

Mr. Beast’s Expenses

While Mr. Beast has made a significant amount of money through his various ventures, it’s important to remember that he also has expenses to consider. Some of the known expenses that Mr. Beast has to pay include:

  • Taxes: Mr. Beast, like all U.S. citizens, must pay federal and state taxes on his income. The exact amount he pays will depend on the tax rate for his income level and state tax rates where he lives in Greenville, North Carolina. Remember, he pays income taxes on the money he takes out of the business for personal expenses and as pay not what his YouTube Channel and companies earn.
  • Production costs: Mr. Beast spends lavishly on his YouTube videos with expensive studios and exotic cars. These costs, along with other expenses such as food, props, sets, giveaways, and travel, likely add up to a significant amount each year.
  • Living costs: MrBeast lives a very basic lifestyle literally living in a studio apartment, a living area he built inside his massive YouTube studio. While he gives away exotic cars he doesn’t own his own Lamborghini or any car at all personally.
  • Charitable donations: Mr. Beast is known for his philanthropy and has made numerous large donations to charities and causes he supports. These donations are likely to be a significant portion of his expenses.
  • Labor costs: MrBeast employs between 150-200 people full-time and hundreds of part-timers that work with him on content creation and in his businesses. He also employs an entire accounting team.
  • Production costs: He spends $3-$4 million a month on producing his main channel and a couple hundred thousand a month on both his gaming and reaction channels. It costs him a million a month each to operate Feastables and MrBeast Burgers.
  • Marketing: MrBeast spends a couple of million a month for marketing his businesses and brands.[3]

The amount of money Mr. Beast spends each year on these and other expenses is likely to be a significant portion of his overall earnings.

Now that we better understand Mr. Beast’s earnings and expenses, we can estimate his net worth as of 2023.

Mr. Beast’s Net Worth

Using the information I’ve gathered about Mr. Beast’s earnings and expenses, we can estimate his net worth as of 2023 based on multiple online sources.

Mr. Beast has built a significant net worth through his successful career as a YouTuber and entrepreneur. But what does the future hold for Mr. Beast and his net worth? It’s difficult to say for sure, but he will likely continue to be a successful and influential figure in online media and philanthropy. He has created a whole new modern business model for the 21st century.


While it’s always difficult to predict the future, it seems likely that Mr. Beast will continue to be a successful and influential figure in online media and philanthropy. His unique blend of entertainment and generosity has made him a beloved figure among his millions of fans, and it’s clear that he has a bright future ahead of him.

His current girl friend is from South Africa and like him she loves to learn. He says you must keep learning and growing as a content creator or eventually you just share all your knowledge and ideas and your content becomes repetitive.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at Mr. Beast’s net worth. He creates some of the most entertaining videos on YouTube. I wish him continued success in the years to come.

Jimmy Donaldson AKA MrBeast is the most successful YouTuber in the world.