Nobody Cares About Your Passion: Find Your Ikigai

Nobody Cares About Your Passion: Find Your Ikigai

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We’ve all heard the saying, “Follow your passion,” right? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not always that simple. I’ve learned firsthand that sometimes chasing your passion isn’t enough to lead you to a fulfilling and satisfying life. Instead, I discovered the concept of Ikigai, a Japanese philosophy encompassing much more than just passion. It’s about finding the perfect balance between Passion, Mission, Vocation, and Profession. Let me explain why focusing solely on your passion isn’t the answer and how Ikigai can help you find a more meaningful life.

Nobody Cares About Your Passion

Once upon a time, I chased my passion relentlessly. I devoted my time and energy to writing, convinced it would lead me to success and happiness. But the harsh reality hit me like a brick – nobody cared about my passion as much as I did. My friends and family were supportive, but ultimately, it didn’t pay the bills or provide the sense of fulfillment I craved.

It’s a tough pill, but the world doesn’t revolve around your passion. Instead, it’s essential to balance pursuing what you love and considering what the world needs, what you can get paid for, and what you excel at.

Your Mission Will Energize You

The moment I started focusing on my mission – helping others learn the principles of successful trading with all the areas that covered. I discovered a new level of motivation. I wasn’t just trading for myself anymore; I was teaching others the principles of risk management, psychology, and system development and giving them an interactive social media platform to share their lessons and experiences. This purpose, this sense of contributing to the world, fueled my desire to continue to learn and grow as a trader.

Your mission represents how you can make a difference in the world. When you align your passion with a higher purpose, it takes on a whole new meaning. You’re no longer just following your interests; you’re working towards something more significant, and that’s incredibly energizing.

Vocation: Monetization Of What You Love to Do

Making a living is one of the most significant challenges in pursuing your passion. Spending your days doing what you love is great, but you’re setting yourself up for stress and struggle if you can’t pay your bills.

Vocation is all about finding a way to monetize what you’re passionate about. This might mean turning your passion into a career, starting a business, or finding a side hustle that aligns with your interests. When you can make money doing something you love, it’s a win-win situation, and you’re one step closer to finding your Ikigai. You must find a way to monetize your passion, and there are endless ways in the modern world with social media, YouTube, Twitch, books, eCourses, or providing a service.

For example, if your passion is real estate, you can make your money in commissions as a Realtor and have a social media platform where you monetize your experiences by sharing them and educating others interested in what you do. This is double monetization. You would have cash-flowing assets if you could also create rental properties through your real estate knowledge. That would be triple monetization by doing what you already love.


Recognizing your strengths and skills is crucial for success. Your profession represents what you’re good at – your expertise and abilities that set you apart. To find your Ikigai, you must identify what you excel at and how it fits into the bigger picture. Find your edge in your talents, skills, and experience. Most people love doing what they are good at.

I loved business, capitalism, the stock market, and trading. I slowly became an expert from years of reading books and experienced investing and trading capital in the markets. But it wasn’t until I started to focus on the other elements of Ikigai that I truly felt fulfilled. It’s about more than just being good at something; it’s about how you use your skills to contribute to the world, make a living, and bring joy to your life. You must love what you get up and do every day to be energized and highly successful at it. Energy, drive, and passion in a career are an edge as you can outwork most other people.

Find Your Ikigai

Finding your Ikigai is a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and balance. It’s about exploring your passions, understanding your role in the world, monetizing your interests, and honing your skills. You’ll find purpose, fulfillment, and well-being when successfully merging these four elements beyond following your passion. Ikigai is the intersection of your passion (What you love to do), mission (Your life goal), vocation (What you want to get paid for doing), and profession (The career path you choose). When you have checked all these boxes on a single thing, you have achieved Ikigai.

Key Takeaways

  • Passion isn’t enough; you must balance it with your Mission, Vocation, and Profession to find true fulfillment.
  • The world doesn’t revolve around your passion; finding your mission helps you contribute to the world in a meaningful way.
  • Monetizing your passion through your vocation is essential for financial stability and satisfaction.
  • Recognizing and developing your skills in your chosen profession is vital for success and personal growth.
  • Finding your Ikigai is a journey of self-discovery, requiring reflection and a willingness to explore different aspects of your life.


Embracing the concept of Ikigai can lead you to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Rather than solely chasing your passion, focus on how to make a difference in the world, earn a living, and excel at what you do. By finding the perfect balance between these four elements, you’ll discover a more profound sense of purpose and satisfaction beyond pursuing passion alone. So, take the time to explore your passions, understand your mission, monetize your interests, and develop your skills. In doing so, you’ll embark on the journey toward finding your Ikigai and living a more fulfilling life. Move toward what gives you work energy.