Rich Habits That Could Change Your Life

Rich Habits That Could Change Your Life

Have you ever wondered what habits set the affluent apart? What actions do they perform daily that set them up for a life of wealth and prosperity? Delving deep into their routines might provide the key to their financial success. Let’s get to know some of these rich habits that could potentially bring about a remarkable change in your life.

A study by financial planner Tom Corley found millionaires can attribute much of their wealth to their daily habits. He published his research in his book Rich Habits.[1]

Here are some of his top six findings.

The rich tend to wake up early

After studying 350 wealthy and not-so-wealthy people, Corley found that the ‘more well to do’ get up early every day. “I get up at 4 am or 5 am, and I write for an hour or two hours,” said Corley.

Almost all rich people in the study habitually started their day while most others were still tucked away in their beds. This practice gives them quiet hours to plan their day, prioritize tasks, and enjoy a peaceful start without distractions. Many use this time to be highly productive with no interruptions. By rising early, they gain extra hours for productivity and planning, which ultimately guides them toward success.

44% of the wealthy wake up three hours before work and then constructively fill that time, such as working out or reading. “Before they even get to work, they have done some really good things that help them move forward in life,” said Corley.

The rich stay productive by working off a to-do list

Another rich habit is to keep a daily ‘to-do’ list and check off at least 70% of what’s on it daily. A to-do list is the millionaire’s secret weapon. It serves as their compass, providing clear direction for each day. By meticulously crafting a daily list of tasks, they ensure nothing vital falls through the cracks. You, too, can heighten your productivity levels by committing your plans to a list. This straightforward practice can keep you focused, accountable, and steered toward achieving your goals. A to-do list is a good structure and system to avoid wasting precious time and staying on task for what is most important. Spending your time on paper before the day begins will make it more difficult for other people to waste your time.

The rich tend to focus on their own life and not gossip

Rich people are much less likely to chit-chat at the water cooler at work. Only about 6% of them gossip, compared to 60% on the other end of the socio-economic spectrum.

Wealthy individuals seldom squander their time on idle gossip. They concentrate on their life, aspirations, and personal growth rather than indulging in unproductive chatter about others. This helps them maintain a positive mindset and keep their eyes on the prize. Emulate this trait by consciously investing your time in self-improvement and goal-setting rather than trivial gossip.

Rich people make strong relationships a priority

“To rich people, relationships are like gold, so they manage their relationships very carefully,” said Corley.

In affluent circles, relationships aren’t just social connections but also pathways to opportunities. The rich prioritize building solid and healthy relationships as they understand these bonds’ potential for personal and professional growth. Make it a point to nurture your relationships, not just for potential business opportunities but also to enrich your personal life.

Rich people tend to work through lunch

Wealthy workers often skip lunch and eat at their desks. “The only rationale for a long lunch is if you’re networking,” explained Corley.

Wealthy individuals perceive lunch breaks as an opportunity to continue their work, often holding meetings or brainstorming ideas. They see this as a chance to get ahead, to be productive, and to capitalize on their time. Although balance is essential, occasionally utilizing your lunch breaks for meaningful work could set you apart. Working at their desk is a common trait for high achievers.

Rich people tend to manage their health through diet and exercise

That supports another habit of the wealthy, which is to count calories. They are much more conscious of maintaining good health.

Health is wealth, and most of the affluent live by this motto. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are often integral to their daily routine. This keeps them physically fit and ensures they’re mentally sharp to handle their hectic schedules. Incorporate exercise and a nutritious diet into your daily routine to elevate your physical health and mental prowess, two invaluable assets on your journey to wealth.

The rich focus on their business goals, not on entertainment

Another difference involves the use of the Internet. The wealthy don’t spend extra time online and make sure the time they do spend is purposeful. That means no YouTube clips of cute cats. The rich don’t spend much time on social media for personal sharing. They use the internet as a business platform.

The rich stay fixated on their business goals in a world of distractions. While entertainment has its place, it never overshadows their primary objectives. For them, the pursuit of success takes precedence. If you aspire to amass wealth, try to develop a similar focus on your goals. While leisure is crucial, ensure it doesn’t eclipse your ambitions.

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace the serenity of early mornings for focus and productivity.
  • Use lists for direction and prioritizing tasks.
  • Concentrate on personal growth, ignoring idle gossip.
  • Form and nurture potent connections.
  • Utilize lunchtimes constructively.
  • Prioritize health for optimal functioning.
  • Keep a laser focus on your wealth-building targets.


Cultivating habits common to the wealthy can act as a guidepost in our quest for financial success. We should consider embracing productivity at the calmness of dawn, practicing organizational efficiency, and focusing on our growth over irrelevant chatter. Relationships are valuable assets, and so is our health. Let’s utilize lunch breaks effectively and focus on our financial goals, not distractions. The journey to wealth may not be quick, but by adopting these practices, we could align ourselves with the path trodden by financially successful individuals and steer our lives toward prosperity.

Corley believes even incremental changes can reap big rewards. “I want them to understand that it may only take 1-2 rich habits to completely transform their lives.”