A Deep Look Into Warren Buffett’s Portfolio: 2023 (Q2)

A Deep Look Into Warren Buffett’s Portfolio: 2023 (Q2)

Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, has long been admired for his astute investment decisions and the ability to build wealth through strategic stock picking. As the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett oversees a diverse portfolio of stocks representing a wide range of industries. It’s important to note that these stocks are part of Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings and are not Buffett’s personal investments. Buffett’s wealth is primarily tied to his ownership of Berkshire Hathaway stock; it’s over 99% of his wealth.

As investors, there’s much to learn from studying the investment choices made by Berkshire Hathaway under Buffett’s stewardship. In this deep dive into the company’s 2023 Q2 portfolio, we will unpack the diverse range of stocks held by the conglomerate, examining both the largest holdings and the smaller, emerging companies that have caught Buffett’s eye. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting, this analysis provides valuable insights on stocks you can look into for potential successful long-term investing holdings. You can also see how he structures his portfolio risk management from huge positions in his best ideas and diversification with smaller bets that are only good ideas but may not be great. Keep reading to discover what is in one of the world’s most successful investors, how he manages a multi-billion-dollar portfolio through position sizing, and study what it can teach you about building and managing your investment portfolio.

Top Warren Buffett Stocks By Size

A Deep Look Into Warren Buffett’s Portfolio: 2023 (Q2)

Current Warren Buffett Portfolio Allocation 2023

A Deep Look Into Warren Buffett’s Portfolio: 2023 (Q2)

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Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio 2023 Q2

The Warren Buffett portfolio was reported to the SEC through the 13f filing on August 14, 2023, for holdings at the end of the 2nd quarter as of June 30, 2023.

Company Ticker Market value as of June 30, 2023 Number of shares % of the total portfolio
APPLE INC AAPL 177,591,247,000 915,560,382 51.00%
BANK OF AMERICA CORP BAC 29,632,525,000 1,032,852,006 8.51%
AMERICAN EXPRESS CO AXP 26,410,584,000 151,610,700 7.59%
COCA COLA CO KO 24,087,999,000 400,000,000 6.92%
CHEVRON CORP CVX 19,372,949,000 123,120,120 5.56%
OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM OXY 13,178,796,000 224,129,192 3.78%
KRAFT HEINZ CO KHC 11,560,036,000 325,634,818 3.32%
MOODYS CORP MCO 8,578,175,000 24,669,778 2.46%
HP INC. HPQ 3,714,461,000 120,952,818 1.07%
DAVITA HEALTHCARE PARTNERS I DVA 3,626,522,000 36,095,570 1.04%
VERISIGN INC VRSN 2,895,945,000 12,815,613 0.83%
CITIGROUP INC. C 2,543,471,000 55,244,797 0.73%
KROGER CO. KR 2,350,000,000 50,000,000 0.67%
VISA INC    (CL A) V 1,970,481,000 8,297,460 0.57%
MASTERCARD INC    (CL A) MA 1,567,949,000 3,986,648 0.45%
AON PLC AON 1,496,442,000 4,335,000 0.43%
PARAMOUNT GLOBAL    (CL B) PARA 1,491,259,000 93,730,975 0.43%
LIBERTY MEDIA CORP DELAWARE    (COM C SIRIUSXM) LSXMK 1,414,207,000 43,208,291 0.41%
AMAZON COM INC AMZN 1,375,428,000 10,551,000 0.40%
CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS INC N    (CL A) CHTR 1,406,638,000 3,828,941 0.40%
CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL COF 1,363,956,000 12,471,030 0.39%
ACTIVISION BLIZZARD INC ATVI 1,235,680,000 14,658,121 0.35%
SNOWFLAKE INC SNOW 1,077,944,000 6,125,376 0.31%
GENERAL MTRS CO GM 848,320,000 22,000,000 0.24%
NU HOLDINGS LTD NU 845,167,000 107,118,784 0.24%
ALLY FINANCIAL INC.    (COM) ALLY 783,290,000 29,000,000 0.22%
D.R. HORTON DHI 726,454,000 5,969,714 0.21%
T-MOBILE US INC TMUS 728,114,000 5,242,000 0.21%
LIBERTY SIRIUS XM SERIES A LSXMA 663,014,000 20,207,680 0.19%
MARKEL CORP. MKL 652,392,000 471,661 0.19%
CELANESE CORP. CE 620,519,000 5,358,535 0.18%
LIBERTY MEDIA CORP FORMULA ONE    (SER C) FWONK 581,347,000 7,722,451 0.17%
LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORP LPX 528,227,000 7,044,909 0.15%
FLOOR & DECOR HOLDINGS FND 496,929,000 4,780,000 0.14%
GLOBE LIFE INC GL 275,757,000 2,515,574 0.08%
STONECO LTD    (CL A) STNE 136,260,000 10,695,448 0.04%
JOHNSON & JOHNSON JNJ 50,701,000 327,100 0.02%
NVR INC NVR 70,568,000 11,112 0.02%
DIAGEO ADR DEO 39,510,000 227,750 0.01%
LIBERTY LATIN AMERICA LTD    (CL A) LILA 23,019,000 2,630,792 0.01%
MONDELEZ INTL INC    (CL A) MDLZ 42,159,000 578,000 0.01%
PROCTER & GAMBLE CO PG 47,859,000 315,400 0.01%
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TRUST SPY 17,465,000 39,400 0.01%
VANGUARD S&P 500 ETF VOO 17,513,000 43,000 0.01%
JEFFERIES FINANCIAL GROUP INC    (CL C) JEF 14,381,000 433,558 0.00%
LENNAR CORP    (CL B) LEN.B 17,238,000 152,572 0.00%
LIBERTY LATIN AMERICA LTD    (CL C) LILAK 11,068,000 1,284,020 0.00%
UNITED PARCEL SERVICE INC    (CL B) UPS 10,647,000 59,400 0.00%
Total market value ($) $348,194,053,000

Berkshire Hathaway Cash Holdings

In addition to more than $348 billion in stocks, Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings consist of more than $141 billion in cash and cash equivalents, according to its second-quarter report.

Key Takeaways 

  • Diversified Investments: Warren Buffett’s portfolio showcases various holdings across various stock market sectors. Energy, technology, and finance are all well-represented.
  • Technology Dominance: Apple Inc. stands out as the single most significant position in the portfolio, accounting for over 50% of the total assets. This points to the importance of the consumer tech sector in Buffett’s strategy and how strongly Buffett believes Apple is a value at current prices based on projected future cash flows.
  • Consistent Blue-chip Holdings: The portfolio contains many blue-chip companies, such as Bank of America, Coca-Cola, and American Express, known for their long-term stability and consistent dividends.
  • Significant Market Value: Buffett’s holdings, totaling over $348 billion in market value as of June 30, 2023, demonstrate the importance of a diversified portfolio and maintaining significant positions in certain companies.
  • Exposure to Emerging Players: Warren Buffett’s portfolio also includes positions in newer, fast-growing companies like Snowflake Inc. and NU Holdings Ltd., showing a willingness to take calculated risks on emerging companies.


Warren Buffett’s investing approach, as evidenced by his Q2 2023 portfolio, is an exemplary blend of steadfast adherence to proven blue-chip companies and strategic diversification across various sectors, including technology and finance. Buffett’s sizable position in Apple reveals the importance of betting big on companies that exhibit significant growth potential. Meanwhile, investments in emerging players underscore his willingness to take measured risks in promising ventures. Buffett’s portfolio showcases the delicate balance between maintaining stable, reliable holdings and venturing into high-growth opportunities, and betting big on his best ideas. The extensive diversification and careful allocation of assets in this portfolio embody the principles of intelligent, long-term investing that have underpinned Warren Buffett’s enduring success in investing and acquiring whole private companies for Berkshire Hathaway when he sees the right opportunities.