Top 12 Fastest Growing Industries In The World

Top 12 Fastest Growing Industries In The World

In today’s dynamic global economy, specific industries are experiencing rapid growth, driven by technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and evolving market needs. This article delves into the top 12 fastest-growing industries in the world, shedding light on their growth rates and the factors propelling their expansion.

Identifying the top industries showcasing unparalleled growth in an ever-evolving global landscape is crucial for investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals. As technological innovations intersect with changing consumer preferences, specific sectors emerge as leaders, setting the pace for the world’s economic trajectory. Keep reading for a deep dive into these industries, offering insights into their projected growth rates over the next three years and the driving forces behind their expansion. Understanding these rapidly growing industries is essential whether you’re looking to invest, found a business, start a career, or just stay informed on sectors and industries in the world economies.

Global Fastest Growing Industries by Revenue Growth (%) by 2027:

  1. Healthcare – 14.77%
  2. Human Resources – 12.8%
  3. Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – 7.10%
  4. Travel, Leisure, and Hospitality – 6.7%
  5. Personal Care and Service – 4.64%
  6. Architecture – 3.6%
  7. Commercial and Residential Construction – 3.89%
  8. Financial Services – 2.47%
  9. Manufacturing – 1.11%
  10. Post-Construction Finishing Trades (Painters) – 3.8%
  11. Post-Construction Finishing Trades (Electricians) – 1.6%
  12. Post-Construction Finishing Trades (Carpenters) – 0.4%[1]


The healthcare industry has witnessed significant growth, primarily due to an aging global population and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. Advancements in medical technology, research, and the international emphasis on health and wellness have further propelled this industry to the forefront. With the rise of telemedicine and digital health platforms, the healthcare sector is poised for even more growth in the coming years. This is an essential product everyone needs to some degree throughout their life.

Human Resources 

Human resources (HR) plays a pivotal role in the success of organizations. As businesses expand and diversify, the need for skilled HR professionals to manage workforce dynamics, recruitment, and employee relations has surged. The digital transformation of HR processes and the emphasis on employee well-being have also contributed to the industry’s rapid growth. Businesses are only as good as the people they hire and how they manage and motivate them, making human resources critical.

Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The digital age has ushered in a new era of technological advancements, with IT and AI at its helm. From automation to data analytics, AI-driven solutions are revolutionizing industries, creating efficiencies, and offering unprecedented value to businesses and consumers. The potential of AI is vast, and its applications are continually expanding, making it a key growth industry.

Travel, Leisure, and Hospitality 

Despite challenges posed by recent global events over the past three years, the travel, leisure, and hospitality industry has shown resilience. The rise of experiential travel, eco-tourism, and the digital transformation of booking and reservation systems have contributed to its growth. As global connectivity improves and people seek unique experiences, this industry is set to flourish.

Personal Care and Service 

The personal care and service industry encompasses various services, from beauty and spa treatments to fitness and wellness. The global emphasis on self-care, well-being, and the desire for personalized services has driven growth in this sector. Innovations in products and services and the rise of online platforms have further boosted its prominence.


The world’s expanding urban landscapes necessitate innovative architectural solutions. Sustainable designs, intelligent cities, and the integration of green spaces are trends shaping the future of architecture. As urbanization continues and environmental concerns take center stage, the demand for skilled architects and sustainable designs will rise.

Commercial and Residential Construction

The construction industry is booming as urban populations are swelling and infrastructure needs are growing. Both commercial and residential projects are on the rise, driven by technological advancements in construction methods, sustainable building materials, and the global push for eco-friendly structures.

Financial Services 

The financial services sector is transforming, with fintech innovations leading the way. Digital banking, online investment platforms, and blockchain technology are reshaping the economic landscape, offering consumers more choices and convenience.


Manufacturing remains a cornerstone of the global economy. Advancements in automation, robotics, and 3D printing are revolutionizing production processes. The emphasis on sustainable manufacturing and the integration of intelligent technologies are driving growth in this sector.

Post-Construction Finishing Trades (Painters)

The finishing touches to any construction project play a crucial role in its overall appeal and functionality. With their expertise in aesthetics and protective coatings, painters are in high demand as the construction industry grows. The housing shortage in the US should drive the demand from builders for the industry of tradesman over the next three years.

Post-Construction Finishing Trades (Electricians) 

Electricians are essential to powering our modern world. As buildings become more innovative and more integrated with technology, the expertise of electricians in installing and maintaining electrical systems is invaluable.

Post-Construction Finishing Trades (Carpenters)

Carpenters bring structures to life with their craftsmanship. Their skills are essential in residential and commercial spaces, from intricate woodwork to functional furniture. There has been high demand and low supply of new carpenters entering the industry over the past decade.

Key Takeaways

  • Medical Advancements: The health sector is surging due to technological progress and a focus on global well-being.
  • Workforce Dynamics: HR’s role in organizational success is becoming increasingly pivotal, with a shift towards digital HR solutions.
  • Tech Revolution: Digital solutions, especially AI, are reshaping multiple sectors, offering enhanced efficiencies.
  • Experiential Journeys: The travel and hospitality sector is evolving, focusing on unique, eco-friendly experiences.
  • Wellness Trend: A global shift towards self-care and personalized services is boosting the personal care industry.
  • Urban Design: Architectural innovations focus on sustainable urban growth and green integration.
  • Building Boom: Eco-friendly and tech-integrated construction projects are on the rise.
  • Fintech Evolution: Digital transformations are redefining the financial landscape.
  • Production Innovations: Manufacturing embraces automation, robotics, and green practices.
  • Aesthetic Importance: Painters are crucial for the final details of construction projects.
  • Electrical Integration: Modern structures rely heavily on skilled electricians for tech integrations.
  • Woodwork Craftsmanship: Carpenters’ expertise adds life and functionality to spaces.


As the global landscape undergoes rapid transformations, specific sectors emerge as pivotal growth drivers. From technological innovations to shifts in consumer preferences, these industries reflect current trends and shape the future. Embracing change, focusing on sustainability, and understanding the evolving needs of consumers are the underlying principles steering these industries toward unprecedented growth. These industries represent the future’s growth sectors, driven by innovation, consumer demand, and global trends. As the world evolves, these industries will play a pivotal role in shaping our collective future.