3 Things Mentally Strong People Do

3 Things Mentally Strong People Do

Having mental strength is one of the most important skills anyone can cultivate. It affects every area of life – from relationships and work to overall well-being and life satisfaction. Mental strength enables us to navigate challenges, bounce back from failures, and live purposefully.

So, what exactly is mental strength? It refers to our capacity to handle difficulties, setbacks, and criticism without becoming overwhelmed or discouraged. Mentally strong individuals are emotionally resilient and able to cope with stress. They focus on solutions rather than problems and maintain a positive “can do” attitude even during tough times.

This post will explore three essential habits and mindsets mentally strong people leverage to thrive. Read on to learn what you can do to bolster your mental strength.

1. Practice Self-Awareness

Mentally strong people make an effort to know themselves inside out honestly. They take time to understand their core values, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. This self-awareness helps them make decisions that align with their priorities. It also enables them to identify situations where they will thrive and circumstances that may derail them.

For instance, individuals may learn through self-reflection that they need a high degree of variety and human interaction at work to feel engaged. Armed with this knowledge, they can seek roles and companies that provide that rather than take up unsatisfying jobs that don’t meet those needs.

In addition to self-knowledge, mentally strong people don’t let their emotions control them. They recognize when their feelings stem from irrational thoughts or cognitive distortions. This prevents overreacting or making poor choices in anxiety, anger, or sadness.

For example, Martin tends to feel very nervous before important meetings at work. Through journaling, he identified this due to his lack of confidence and tendency to predict the worst possible outcomes. Knowing this helped him counter his irrational anxiety with positive affirmations before big presentations. Over time, the sense of dread he felt dissipated.

2. Adopt an Optimistic Mindset

Another hallmark of the mentally strong is optimism. They interpret events and situations most favorably, focusing on the good while responding calmly to the bad. This enables them to see opportunities, even in challenging circumstances, constantly. Setbacks are viewed as temporary rather than personal failures.

The optimistic perspective serves as a buffer against anxiety and depression. It also empowers mentally strong people to pursue goals proactively since they believe in their abilities. They recognize that success takes time and perseverance.

For instance, Pam is ambitious to start her own company, but her first business failed. Rather than give up, she analyzes why it didn’t work but stays encouraged that she can succeed with a different strategy. Pam starts planning her next venture enthusiastically, knowing she will face obstacles but focusing on overcoming them.

3. Embrace Discomfort

The mentally strong don’t shy away from difficulty or the unfamiliar. They view challenges as inevitable in life and opportunities to expand their skills. Discomfort is expected and embraced on the road to growth.

This mindset prevents mentally strong people from limiting themselves. They don’t avoid change, problems, or demanding situations but lean into them. Developing competence and managing adversity breeds confidence.

For example, when Michelle was offered a daunting promotion, she accepted enthusiastically. She viewed it as a chance to stretch her capabilities. Instead of being paralyzed by imposter syndrome, she was willing to ask many questions and learn the ropes. Michelle knew it would be uncomfortable initially but that she would grow into the role over time.

Mentally Strong People Create Their Ideal Lives

As we’ve explored, mentally strong people exhibit self-awareness, optimism, and resilience in the face of difficulty. They can achieve goals and create deeply fulfilling lives by leveraging these mindsets. Mental strength allows us to shape our reality rather than be passive victims of circumstances.

Although developed over time, the mental muscle can be strengthened through deliberate effort. Here is an inspiring case study on utilizing the strategies outlined to build mental strength.

Sarah, 32, was stuck in a rut both personally and professionally. She worked a job that no longer lit her up, but felt afraid to make a change. Sarah also struggled with dating and only attracted emotionally unavailable partners. She grappled with feelings of inadequacy despite being accomplished on paper.

Through actively developing mental strength, Sarah turned things around entirely. She invested time into self-reflection to gain clarity on her core values, personality, and ideal vision for her relationships and career. This enabled Sarah to realize she was passionate about education and wanted to help youth in underserved communities thrive.

Armed with self-knowledge, she decided to leave her unsatisfying job. Sarah applied to teach in schools in low-income neighborhoods despite being anxious about the challenges she may face. She reminded herself of her strengths and skills whenever she felt self-doubt creep in.

Sarah also focused on a growth mindset as she transitioned careers. She knew teaching in a challenging environment would have a learning curve but embraced it. Facing fears head-on and pushing past comfort zones became exhilarating rather than intimidating. Within two years, Sarah felt energized and accomplished in her new role and was making a real difference.

On the personal front, Sarah stopped wasting time dating men who were unavailable to focus on nurturing her mental strength. She let go of past rejection and concentrated on boosting her self-worth. As her resilience and self-belief grew, she attracted an excellent partner who cherished her. Sarah came to believe that she deserved fulfilling, loving relationships.

Sarah’s story demonstrates that we can all evolve into more mentally strong versions of ourselves through concerted effort. Apply the same strategies she did to transform your own life. Commit to knowing your worth, maintaining positivity, and facing challenges.\


Mental strength is an essential life skill that enables us to thrive in adversity. We can unlock our most tremendous potential by developing self-awareness, maintaining optimism, and embracing discomfort. While building mental muscle requires dedication, the payoff is immense – a profoundly fulfilling, purpose-driven life on our terms.

We all face difficulties, but our mindset determines how we respond to and learn from those challenges. Commit to strengthening your mental fitness. Leverage the strategies outlined here to become the best version of yourself. Although it takes courage to move beyond limitations, the rewards of lasting confidence and resilience are invaluable. Our circumstances may vary, but anyone willing to do the work can become mentally strong.