The Mirror Principle Is Why I’m Living The Life Of My Dreams (The Truth)

The Mirror Principle Is Why I’m Living The Life Of My Dreams (The Truth)

The mirror principle changed my life. This powerful but often overlooked universal law states that our outer world reflects our inner world. After discovering a version of the mirror principle when I was eighteen years old and having a difficult time starting out in life on my own, I decided to put it to the test. I committed to transforming my inner world through goal setting, visualization, affirmations, and embodying the energy of the person I wanted to become in my teenage years.

I put in consistent effort and loyalty to my vision for years, and my outer circumstances radically shifted over time to match my new inner state. Much of our destiny is for our external life circumstances to eventually correlate with our inner self based on our beliefs and mindset. Be very careful what you think about yourself and what you believe is possible, as you are the primary creator of your life.

Today, I am living the life of my dreams. By cultivating focus, purpose, and abundance inwardly, I manifested those qualities outwardly over time. My relationships, business, health, and lifestyle all transformed into my original goals and inner vision. I went from struggling to thriving.

In this article, I will share exactly how the mirror principle works based on my experience. You’ll learn simple but profound techniques to apply in your own life. I’ll explain how the mirror principle is a feedback loop that reveals your inner progress. You’ll discover why it takes 6-8 weeks to see the first results and how to use challenges for growth rather than play the victim. I intend to empower you to use the mirror principle, as I have, to manifest your highest potential and live the life of your dreams.

What Exactly is the Mirror Principle?

The Mirror Principle is the idea that our outer world reflects our inner world. It states that what we cultivate inwardly in our minds and energy will be reflected outwardly in our physical reality over time. This means our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and state of being manifest in our external experience.

How I Discovered the Mirror Principle and It Changed My Life

I learned about a version of the Mirror Principle from Tony Robbins in his book Unlimited Power when I was eighteen. This book opened my eyes to how the limited thinking of my inner state was reflected in my outer circumstances. I had a low-paying entry-level job, newly married, in debt, and struggling with stress and frustration. I was looking for answers and a path from where I was to one with prosperity and a higher quality of life.

Learning about the Mirror Principle gave me hope that I could transform my outer world by shifting my inner world. I began writing down all the goals I had for myself in life, regularly visualizing, using mindfulness, repeating affirmations, and cultivating more positive emotions. With consistent practice, my external life started to transform. I got several promotions at my job, paid off debts, and completely changed my mindset. This taught me the power we have to change our lives by working on our inner world.

Using Visualization and Acting “As If” To Shift My Inner World

Two techniques I used to shift my inner world are visualization and acting “as if.” Every morning and night, I would visualize my ideal life as if I already had it. I imagined living in my dream home, being a successful investor, having my own business, becoming a millionaire, and feeling happy, peaceful, and abundant.

I also started acting “as if” I already was living this ideal life. Even though outwardly I was far from it, I would talk, feel, and behave as if I already had everything I wanted. This helped reprogram my subconscious mind and energy to align with the reality I wanted to create. No matter my life circumstances, I always held in my mind who I was and stayed mentally locked in on how my life would be.

Having Loyalty To Your Vision and Cultivating Your Inner World

An important realization for me was understanding the need to have loyalty to your vision of your ideal life rather than focus on current circumstances. Even when my outer world still reflected my current struggles, I knew if I stayed loyal to my inner vision and kept cultivating it. Eventually, my external world would catch up. I knew first I had to envision who I really was inside. Then, I had to do the work to be that person. My mindset had to fit my internal world more than my external world and force reality to change.

This meant being disciplined about my visualization practice, repeating affirmations, feeling my vision emotionally as if it were real, and thinking/talking from the inner state of the person who already lives that ideal life. Also, I had to act like my higher self and do the work that it took to be that ideal inner version of myself. I read the books, did the research, and studied to become who I knew myself to really be. It was natural based on my internal belief system and vision.

My Journey From Humble Beginnings to Living My Dream Life

I grew up in a working, low-income family. and my parents worked two jobs, and they divorced when I was still a kid. I ended up being raised by my grandparents. I never went to college and started out on my own with nothing at eighteen. My path could have easily been one of low wages, hand-to-mouth living, and struggling to raise a family. Discovering the Mirror Principle helped me rewrite my story.

Through implementing what I learned about the Mirror Principle, I went from being broke to financially abundant within a few years. My life trajectory changed dramatically. I was able to exponentially increase my income quickly, build a large investing account, start my own business doing what I love, and retire very young from needing a job. I found inner peace and now live a life of freedom and fulfillment.

The Mirror Principle taught me I had the power to create an outer life that reflected my highest inner self. I stopped believing my past or circumstances doomed me. My external world transformed when I dared to believe in and cultivate my inner world.

The Importance of Focusing Your Inner World for 6-8 Weeks

An essential aspect of the Mirror Principle is understanding that it takes sustained focus—usually 6-8 weeks—before your outer world will shift to match your new inner world. Many people give up after a week or two when they don’t see instant results.

It takes time to undo limiting old patterns and retrain your subconscious mind. But once you hit that 6-8 week mark of consistent inner focus and practice, dramatic positive changes in your outer conditions will unfold.

Understanding Life’s Feedback Loop Instead of Playing the Victim

The Mirror Principle also helped me understand life’s feedback loops. When undesirable circumstances arise, I see it as feedback on where I need to adjust my inner world rather than play the victim.

Challenges or setbacks act like a mirror, revealing areas I still need to cultivate. I’ve learned not to resist these difficult periods but to receive the insight to redirect my inner focus. This prevents me from manifesting more of what I don’t want.

How You Can Apply the Mirror Principle

The Mirror Principle is a universal law that applies to everyone. To start using it, get clear on your ideal reality. Then, begin cultivating the inner state of the person who lives that life. Stay loyal to your inner vision through regular visualization and affirmation practices. Act, feel, think, and talk like that person.

The most important thing is being consistent. Commit to focusing on your inner world for 6-8 weeks without giving up. Implement practices to monitor and adjust your internal state. Don’t get discouraged by outer conditions. Stay the course, and your external world will transform.

How to Transform Your Life Too

If I can transform my life using the Mirror Principle, you can too. No matter your current circumstances, when you change your inner world, your outer world must reflect that change in time. Be patient with yourself and the process. But know that profound life transformation awaits you.

I want to invite you to apply the Mirror Principle in your own life. Could you commit to consistent inner work? You can create an outer life that reflects your highest self and most profound dreams. The time to start is now.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mirror Principle states that our exterior reality mirrors our interior world. What happens inside is reproduced outside.
  • When I uncovered the Mirror Principle, it revolutionized my life. My limited inner state created my undesirable outer conditions.
  • Techniques like visualization and pretending to help reshape our mindset. Consistently picturing and emulating my ideal life shifted my energy.
  • Loyalty to your inner vision, not current circumstances, is crucial. By persisting in growing my inner thoughts, my outer world improved.
  • Despite my difficult beginning, the Mirror Principle helped me build my dream life. I rewrote my story by implementing this universal law.
  • It takes 6-8 weeks of inner work before outer changes emerge. Many give up too soon. Staying the course leads to outward transformation.
  • Challenges are feedback to adjust our inner world, not reasons to play the victim. I see troubles as messages to redirect my internal focus.
  • Anyone can apply the Mirror Principle. Clarify your ideal life. Mimic the energy and actions of someone already living it. Stay consistent.
  • The Reflection Rule says that your outer world must eventually confirm to your inner world if you stay true to your vision and act in accordance with your beliefs.


The Mirror Principle shows our outer reality stems from our inner world. By transforming negative patterns into positive states, we can recreate our external experience and construct the lives we dream of. This universal law allows anyone to rewrite their story and manifest their highest potential.